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We provide industry-leading branding, marketing, & design solutions to the change agents of the veterinary world!

Tell us your mission, and we’ll devise a plan.

You’ve been plotting behind the scenes, brainstorming ways you can create something different. But even the best change agent needs useful gadgets and experienced intel.

The Snout Group’s unique approach looks at all the moving pieces that go into an impermeable, authentic veterinary brand. We help you consider the things that can threaten your success- from disconnected leadership to empty marketing promises. With us on your side, you’ll build a brand that is as strong as your passion.

our change agents are:

Practice Owners
Empowered Managers
C-Suite Leaders
Influencers & Speakers
Inventors & innovators

our offerings include:

Brand story & brand naming
Marketing strategy
Custom merchandise
Logo and brand visuals
Interior design elements

our strengths are:

Hospital launches & rebrands
Strategic clarity
Experiential marketing
Engaging social campaigns
High-end design

Work with us

No one mission is the same! We create a custom combination of coaching, educational materials, and design elements to help each one of our veterinary change agents. This means we need to get more intel about your goals on a discovery call.

Meet the veterinary change agents we support.

“We had the pleasure of working with The Snout Group and Danielle Lambert on the branding and marketing for our startup clinic. Danielle has an amazing ability to tap into the culture of the brand and translate that into a visual content and marketing strategy. She really took the time to understand our vision and provided helpful and supportive guidance throughout the way. Emily really hit the nail on the head with a simplistic but versatile community-centered logo which we love. The Snout Group is amazing at what they do and anyone looking for a progressive approach to branding and marketing should look no further. We highly recommend The Snout Group and look forward to continuing to work with them in the future!”

Skyline Animal Hospital

Drs. Adria Flowers & Cherese Sullivan

“Working with The Snout Group on the launch of Fen Vet has been like having my own dedicated Chief Marketing Officer. They fully understand my practice’s unique mission, core values, and goals. They bring me amazingly creative options and strong opinions necessary to market our brand effectively. The team allows me to have more time to be able to focus on leading my hospital instead of worrying about achieving our marketing goals. Working with The Snout Group team is an absolute pleasure!”


Dr. Cody Creelman

“We engaged Danielle’s services when we wanted to freshen up the brand for our locally-owned, Brooklyn general practice, and we could not have been more blown away with the results! Danielle helped us take our loose collection of shared values and vision and shaped that into a plan to share these values with our clients and our community. Danielle helped us recognize our marketing and branding strengths, and gave us an excellent blueprint for turning online/social media outreach into tangible results. If you’re looking for someone who truly understands today’s changing consumer market, and who is excited about shaking up vet med, Danielle and The Snout Group are absolutely phenomenal! They even helped us design merch for our hospital that is so cool it might be sold out by staff before it ever hits the shelves!”


Aaron Davis

Meet the women who make your mission possible.

Danielle K. Lambert, Founder & CEO

Are you trying to build something that stands out? What about something that truly creates change? With a literal lifetime spent in veterinary medicine, Danielle is uniquely qualified to help you dream up and promote your brand. Her creative marketing, branding, copywriting, and online sales strategies have supported brands from Fen Vet to Dr. Andy Roark and Uncharted Veterinary Conference. As the founder of SnoutSchool.com, Danielle has helped over 20,000 veterinary professionals learn about marketing and branding. She’s proud to count The Derm Vet, and Dr. Tannetje Crocker amongst the personal brands she’s helped guide, along with industry giants like PetDesk. Now it’s your turn to use her arsenal of experience and a talented team to make your mission a reality.

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Emily Adar, Creative Director

You need branding that goes way beyond a basic paw print if you want to make something different in vet med. Our creative director, Emily Adar, believes design is a form of communication. Her experience with brands like Origins, Estée Lauder, POPSUGAR, and InStyle Magazine gives her unique insight into creating designs that are creative, wearable, and in line with what today’s consumer craves. With skill sets ranging from graphic design to immersive spaces, Emily is here to literally bring your vision to life.

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